Real-Time Notifications & Sales Coaching

SalesCompete connects directly with Salesloft,, Hubspot and Salesforce to bring instant meeting, call, and task notifications to you in Slack.

success notifications

Real-Time Activity Notifications inside Slack

Part of running a tight ship as an inside sales manager, especially with a remote team, is knowing what's going on during the day-to-day. SalesCompete gives you full real-time visibility into what's happening on your team. Never miss a call recording, meeting booking alert, or successful call notification. Notification types include:

1. Notifications Based on Specific Call Dispositions

2. Notifications for Meetings Booked

3. Notifications for New Call Recordings

4. Notifications for Completed Tasks

real-time success message

Real-Time Success Notifications

Anytime your reps book a meeting or have a "successful" call, get alerted in Slack. Include your most important fields from your sales enablement tool such as the call recording, account link, and call notes.

  • Instant notifications in Slack
  • Include any fields you wish from your CRM or Sales Enablement software
  • A new, fun and celebratory GIF included on the message everytime a success is sent
call coaching

Real-Time Call Coaching

Send recent conversation roundups to your entire team at an interval of your choosing. Customizable to include the call recording, account/contact links, and any custom fields so you can empower your team to learn from one another easily and efficiently.

  • Get call digests as frequently as you'd like - once an hour, once every two hours, etc.
  • Spend less time digging for calls in your CRM or Sales Enablement software
  • Customize with any fields you desire from your CRM or Sales Enablement software
on-demand leaderboards

On-Demand Leaderboards & Analytics

Easy to use slash commands such as "/leaderboard" and "/charts" provide one-click access to hourly, daily, and weekly activity and meetings stats inside any Slack channel.

  • Pulls data in real-time for any activity metric: calls, emails, meetings, deals... you name it.
  • Graphs/charts can be pulled privately or publicly.
  • Fully customizable charts/graphs depending upon your CRM or Sales Enablement software
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