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daily reporting

Automated Daily Sales Reports

Daily team activity and sales reports give you a birds-eye view of how your team is performing over the course of the current week - served up in Slack daily. Fully customize which metrics and graphs you care about most.

  • Setup as many reports as you want (e.g. one report for reps, another for managers and leadership to track progress daily)
  • Over two dozen customizable graphs and charts right out of the box
  • Set and forget - spend less time in your CRM or Sales Enablement software with reporting done inside Slack everyday
weekly reporting

Automated Weekly Reports

Easily see week-over-week performance at a glance inside of Slack. Breakdown metrics rep by rep to quickly identify anomalous activity and problem areas.

  • Rep-by-rep reporting breakdown
  • Reporting across all major sales activity metrics
  • Pull up on-demand or view at the beginning of each week inside a daily report
on-demand leaderboards

On-Demand Leaderboards & Analytics

Easy to use slash commands such as "/leaderboard" and "/charts" provide one-click access to hourly, daily, and weekly activity and meetings stats inside any Slack channel.

  • Pulls data in real-time for any activity metric: calls, emails, meetings, deals... you name it.
  • Graphs/charts can be pulled privately or publicly.
  • Fully customizable charts/graphs depending upon your CRM or Sales Enablement software
real-time success message

Real-Time Success Notifications

Anytime your reps book a meeting or have a "successful" call, get alerted in Slack. Include your most important fields from your sales enablement tool such as the call recording, account link, and call notes.

  • Instant notifications in Slack
  • Include any fields you wish from your CRM or Sales Enablement software
  • A new, fun and celebratory GIF included on the message everytime a success is sent
goals and alerts

Goals & Alerts

Set one-off or repeating sales goals and alerts inside of Slack to keep your team or certain reps focused on the current target. Alerts notify you automatically of anomalous activity (before it's a major problem).

  • Setup on any activity metric you can think of
  • Automatic notifications in Slack when goals are reached
  • Proactive notifications in Slack when reps are behind (using alerts)

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custom leaderboards

Custom Activity Leaderboard

Always be aware of which reps are out-hustling the others by defining your own custom-weighted activity leaderboard.

  • Fully customizable weights/values on every single activity metric
  • Reps can see exactly how they're being scored
  • Send as an automatic report everyday, or pull up on-demand
call coaching

Real-Time Call Coaching

Send recent conversation roundups to your entire team at an interval of your choosing. Customizable to include the call recording, account/contact links, and any custom fields so you can empower your team to learn from one another easily and efficiently.

  • Get call digests as frequently as you'd like - once an hour, once every two hours, etc.
  • Spend less time digging for calls in your CRM or Sales Enablement software
  • Customize with any fields you desire from your CRM or Sales Enablement software

Challenges & Tournaments

Setup 1-on-1 or team-vs-team challenges and tournaments around any sales metric in the book. Optional (but recommended) prizes to boot.

  • Can center around any activity metric
  • Winners automatically announced at the end of the game
  • 1-on-1 or team-vs-team setup options
power hours

Automated Power Hours

Use power hours to bring back the in-office competition amongst your sales team. Reps call in real-time for one hour against a specific goal to win a prize.

  • Use to incentivize calls/conversations/meetings booked
  • Can use with or without sequences/cadences
  • Optional: show call connections in real-time during the power hour in Slack

Meeting Bounties

Use meeting bounties to take the monotony out of a rep's day-to-day by giving them an opportunity to win a prize when they book a meeting with any contact at a specific named account.

  • Setup for any account or prospect
  • Automatic Slack notifcations when bounty is hit
  • Setup as many spiffs/bounties as you can dream up

Daily Trivia

Use daily trivia to start the day off right with your team. Reps submit their answer to 3 jeopardy questions and winners are announced 1 hour later.

  • Over 55,000 Jeopardy questions
  • Everyone on the team can join in
  • All-time leaderboards, so reps can compete over weeks or months to win

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