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Metrics Matter

(Basic Performance Visibility)

$ 20 /user/mo

  • Daily & Weekly Reports
  • Real-Time Leaderboards
  • Email Support
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Culture Builder

(Sales Coaching & Real-Time Celebrations)

$ 35 /user/mo

  • Daily & Weekly Reports
  • Real-Time Leaderboards
  • Customizable Leaderboards
  • Meeting Celebrations
  • Call Coaching & Roundups
  • Live Support & Training
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High Performance

(Create an Action-Oriented, Fully Motivated Team)

$ 50 /user/mo

  • Daily & Weekly Reports
  • Real-Time Leaderboards
  • Customizable Leaderboards
  • Meeting Celebrations
  • Call Coaching & Roundups
  • Live Support & Training
  • Goals & Alerts
  • Challenges & Power Hours
  • Meeting Bounties & Spiffs
  • Salesforce Integration & Support
  • Dedicated Account Manager
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Useful at all team sizes

Daily Activity Reports

Daily team activity reports give you a birds-eye view of how your team is performing over the course of the current week. Choose just the metrics and stack-ranked leaderboards you care about most.

Weekly Per-Rep Breakdowns

Easily see week-over-week performance at a glance inside of Slack. Breakdown metrics rep by rep to quickly identify anomalous activity and problem areas.

On-Demand Leaderboards

Easy to use slash commands such as "/leaderboard" and "/charts" provide one-click access to hourly, daily, and weekly activity and meetings stats inside any Slack channel.

Custom Activity Leaderboard

Always be aware of which reps are out-hustling the others by defining your own custom-weighted activity leaderboard.

Goals & Alerts

Set one-off or repeating sales goals and alerts inside of Slack to keep your team or certain reps focused on the current target. Alerts notify you automatically of anomalous activity.

Success Notifications

Send a fun and customizable congratulations message to your team everytime a new meeting is booked. Includes the call recording and any relevant fields for quick feedback.

Call Coaching Roundups

Send recent conversation roundups to your entire team at an interval of your choosing. Customizable to include the call recording, account/contact links, and any custom fields so you can empower your team to learn from one another easily and efficiently.


Setup 1-on-1 or team-vs-team challenges and tournaments around any sales metric in the book. Optional (but recommended) prizes to boot.

Power Hours

Use power hours to bring back the in-office competition amongst your sales team. Reps call in real-time for one hour against a specific goal to win a prize.

Meeting Bounties

Use meeting bounties to take the monotony out of a rep's day-to-day by giving them an opportunity to win a prize when they book a meeting with any contact at a specific named account.

Daily Trivia

Use daily trivia to start the day off right with your team. Reps submit their answer to 3 jeopardy questions and winners are announced 1 hour later.

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Frequently asked questions.

Answers to the most common questions regarding pricing, onboarding, and special offers.

Yes, pricing is based on the package you choose (changes based on the tier) and the number of sales reps on your team. If you have a team of 10 reps, the base package is $200/month (billed annually).

Yup! We offer 1-month of free service for each referral, and 1-month of free service to the referral as well (not including Salesforce integrations). There are also cash incentives and testimonial perks. View our full list here.

If you have purchased the "culture builder" plan, onboarding includes one 60-minute session. This is enough time to configure the entire bot and run you through each feature at least once.

If your team is on the "high performance" tier, we provide customized account implementation as well as personalized onboarding for you and any managers on your team, and continued onboarding support for any extra questions you may have beyond the initial onboarding call.

Support for the "culture builder" and "high performance" plans includes support from an actual human via live chat (here on our site) and our main support email.

If your team is on the "high performance" tier, we provide a cell phone number to your account manager for direct access when you're having any urgent issues. You also receive priority email support.

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