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A first of its kind tool designed by inside sales managers to identify performance gaps, coach up reps, and boost competition.

🚨 Easily identify, coach up & retain underperforming reps
⏱ Spend less time onboarding reps & reviewing metrics
💪 Drastically improve team morale & create a more competitive culture*

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Improve team morale & create a more competitive sales culture

Why not have the best of both worlds?

When sales teams went remote post-covid, it was supposed to be a level up in terms of work and life. What we got instead was less social interaction on a daily basis, worse work/life balance, and a longing for the good 'ol days of the office.

SalesCompete helps your BDRs feel like they're back in the office everyday with fun challenges, power hours, and spiffs to win.

team metrics

Easily identify, coach up & retain underperforming reps

Know where your reps stand at all times

Tired of refreshing the page on a dozen custom dashboards in Salesforce that your reps never look at? With SalesCompete, your reps can see where they rank against each other each in real-time.

As a manager, you can create custom-weighted activity leaderboards that send at the beginning and end of each day (or pull in real-time), and even setup automated alerts to let you know if your reps are falling behind a certain pace whether you're on the job or not.

team onboarding

Spend less time onboarding reps & reviewing metrics

Ditch the Salesforce dashboards and Google spreadsheets for good

You know the drill -- onboard a new class of reps and spend every waking moment tracking their metrics and first few weeks of progress on Google spreadsheets or Salesforce dashboards. Push them early on and often to get activity to where it needs to be.

With SalesCompete, all that sunk onboarding time is a thing of the past. Easily setup automated goals and alerts inside of Slack that tell you if your reps are on track each day, and coach your new reps on objections with ease by posting call recordings into Slack in real-time.

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All Features

Daily Activity Reports

Daily team activity reports give you a birds-eye view of how your team is performing over the course of the current week. Choose just the metrics and stack-ranked leaderboards you care about most.

On-Demand Leaderboards

Easy to use slash commands such as "/leaderboard" and "/charts" provide one-click access to hourly, daily, and weekly activity and meetings stats inside any Slack channel.

Custom Activity Leaderboard

Always be aware of which reps are out-hustling the others by defining your own custom-weighted activity leaderboard.

Goals & Alerts

Set one-off or repeating sales goals and alerts inside of Slack to keep your team or certain reps focused on the current target. Alerts notify you automatically of anomalous activity.

Success Notifications

Send a fun and customizable congratulations message to your team everytime a new meeting is booked. Includes the call recording and any relevant fields for quick feedback.

Call Coaching Roundups

Send recent conversation roundups to your entire team at an interval of your choosing. Customizable to include the call recording, account/contact links, and any custom fields so you can empower your team to learn from one another easily and efficiently.


Send a fun and customizable congratulations message to your team everytime a new meeting is booked. Includes the call recording and any relevant fields for quick feedback.

Power Hours

Use power hours to bring back the in-office competition amongst your sales team. Reps call in real-time for one hour against a specific goal to win a prize.

Meeting Bounties

Use meeting bounties to take the monotony out of a rep's day-to-day by giving them an opportunity to win a prize when they book a meeting with any contact at a specific named account.

Daily Trivia

Use daily trivia to start the day off right with your team. Reps submit their answer to 3 jeopardy questions and winners are announced 1 hour later.

Customer Testimonials & Reviews

frank jorquez
derek grubb
davis tull
erik wall

expert institute

"Since transitioning to a remote work environment, I've searched for ways to keep my team engaged, motivated, and always having fun. When I discovered SalesCompete, I knew that this tool was exactly what I was looking for. It's a game changer and has given me more time back in my day, quicker insight into my team's production, and a fun and easy way to roll spiffs and monthly goals that we're striving to hit."

Frank Jorquez

SDR Manager at Expert Institute


"Like most, I was trying to find fun ways to create competition and spiffs for our team's activities. SalesCompete does a great job integrating from Outreach into whatever Slack channel you want. It lets you set bounties on accounts, provides daily leaderboard updates, and even does daily trivia and inspirational quotes to break up the mundane nature of the virtual workplace. It's a great motivational tool for any SDR manager to have in their tech tool belt."

Derek Grubb

Enterprise SDR Manager at Privitar

blue whale

"SalesCompete has added a competitive component to our inside sales team and helped us incentivize our reps to put their best foot forward. It has aligned our team and allowed us to add a fun element to our metrics."

Davis Tull

Director of Sales Development at BlueWhale Research


"Our team really likes the tool. It's been great for sharing call learnings when onboarding new reps and the daily metric recaps have given the rest of the team visibility into activity levels. Since implementing the tool we've definitely seen an uptick in activity and the number of calls listened to which is great. We have a variety of leaderboards and data sources, but SalesCompete is by far the most front and center for our team."

Erik Wall

SDR Manager at Augury

Supercharge your inside sales team

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