Sales management doesn’t have to be a struggle. Thanks to countless sales management service alternatives, you can easily track team metrics, set goals, and more with unique programs that adapt to your business needs. Here, we cover some of the top alternatives to Atrium HQ and discuss how they benefit sales teams.

What is Atrium?

Atrium is a popular sales management platform offering team member insights, individual goals, and automated warnings for underperforming staff. While Atrium brags about reducing the number of abandoned contacts, the program focuses more on calling out failures and less on increasing contacts and sales opportunities.

While the automated notifications can help sales managers identify pipeline failures, Atrium lacks key features needed to encourage team members rather than scare them with lowered percentages. Thankfully, we've rounded up the top Atrium sales alternatives to track sales metrics and promote productive teams.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the top Atrium alternatives to drive sales and encourage team member excellence.

1. SalesCompete

SalesCompete offers the best combination of team member tracking, individual goals, onboarding, and gamification, making it an obvious top choice for our list. Sames gamification is a crucial part of upping your total sales numbers. In addition, it's been shown to motivate your team to reach new heights and connect with more potential customers. With SalesCompete, you can combine the best parts of sales management apps with gamification for a unique all-in-one sales management app.

SalesCompete makes onboarding new employees and tracking current team member stats easier. With customizable goals, virtual check-ins, and daily activity reports, you can introduce new employees to the workflow, monitor existing team members' progress, and identify lower turnaround percentages as soon as they happen.

By combining automated alerts with hands-on team management, SalesCompete gives you the best tools to manage and motivate your team. Create custom leaderboards, check sales charts using Slack-integrated slash commands, and set custom goals and alerts for each team member to track individual goals better. With SalesCompete on your side, your team can reach new heights of productivity and streamline your sales management simultaneously, making it easily the top alternative to Atrium.

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2. Hoopla

Radiant, a customer experience management company focusing primarily on brick-and-mortar stores, acquired Hoopla in 2022, combining the power of sales gamification and employee metric tracking with boots-on-the-ground office know-how. An interesting feature of Hoopla is the seamless phone integration features that keep on-the-go employees in the loop with push notifications and daily updates.

Of course, there’s more to this sales improvement app than just its adaptability. Hoopla brings its sales gamification tools to Radiant with displayable leaderboards, employee shout-outs, and sales gamification tools to create friendly competition. Display employee leaderboards in the office with real-time updates, and launch new challenges with a single click.

While the gamification features in this app are somewhat basic, the ability to integrate Hoopla across several platforms, including mobile, sets it apart and makes it a decent replacement for Atrium. However, it is worth noting that the Hoopla/Radiant suite does focus more on hybrid or in-office teams, making it a good fit for those office spaces over remote sales teams.

3. Spinify

No, this isn’t a popular music platform. Instead, Spinify uses the power of AI to bring real-time team insights at the click of a button. This sales management and gamification tool allows you to craft leaderboards, shout-out team members, and track overall engagement metrics on both the sales and individual employee scales.

Unlike Atrium, Spinify understands the importance of coachable moments and combines real-time KPI with sales team improvement plans to help take your entire team to the next level. In addition, Spinify takes a page from video gaming by offering employees badges, levels, and more, all corresponding to their overall performance. This makes each sale more important than the next, as it drives competition and encourages team members to compete against their records each time they call or reach out to a potential client.

On top of encouraging employees, Spinify allows managers to track KPIs and set daily goals and metrics to track individual performance. All of this comes with the power of AI monitoring, allowing managers to get real-time updates in a fun, responsive UI that keeps team members engaged and excited to perform. So if you're looking for a good Atrium replacement, check out Spinify.

4. Playvox

Playvox focuses on individual coaching and gathering customer feedback to encourage sales agents to perform at their maximum capacity. Another sales management program that utilizes the power of AI, Playvox reduces the need for complicated spreadsheets and individual team member management, instead providing key insights on a regular schedule.

While other programs on this list focus on gamification, Playvox is, at its core, an employee-management software, allowing you to track real-time KPIs and identify key coaching moments as they happen. As a result, not only can you reduce time spent monitoring your employees, but you can also encourage your team members to reach new heights through hands-on interactions driven by the power of AI processing.

While Playvox may not provide the same gamification and employee engagement perks as some of the other entries on our list, it is a powerful tool for team managers looking to take advantage of automatic insights and coaching opportunities while tracking customer satisfaction and feedback.

5. Thnks

No, that name isn’t a typo, we promise. Thnks allows team members to send personalized thank-you gifts for a well-done job. These gifts range from quick messages to real-life rewards like a coupon for a coffee or a gift card. In addition, managers can set budgets and send out acknowledgments to team members that perform above and beyond, making it perfect for motivating your team.

While this may seem like a rather simple program, it can go a long way toward engaging your team members in employee training, hitting KPIs, or going above and beyond in their field. By tying virtual acknowledgment with real-life rewards, you show your team members you appreciate their work while keeping them engaged. While Thnks doesn’t offer as much KPI and leaderboard management as some of the other options on the list, it’s still a powerful tool for hybrid and remote offices, making it a good alternative to some of Atrium’s features.


While we've covered a lot of different applications, our top pick for sales management and team engagement is, of course, Sales Compete. By combining the best features of team tracking and coaching with engagement features and gamification, Sales Compete pushes your team to new heights. To find out more, reach out to our team today.

~ Kyle