If you want to take your sales team to the next level, plenty of apps and programs help boost your business and encourage your employees. Although Level Eleven is a fairly popular sales integration platform due to its gamification and employee acknowledgment features, plenty of integrations on the market act as alternatives to this popular platform. Here, we cover the top Level Eleven alternatives and how each can help push your team to new heights.

What is Level Eleven?

Level Eleven drives employee motivation using gamification, leaderboards, and data-driven insights. This program focuses heavily on tracking metrics and offers your team plenty of key gamification opportunities. In addition, this program provides instant broadcast options to display leaderboards throughout your office and encourage friendly competition. For fully remote teams, instant leaderboard updates are worked into this program, as well as key insights on individual standings.

On top of gamification features, Level Eleven also offers basic course correction insights to drive KPIs and give team leaders a chance to provide employee coaching. In addition, by pairing automatic data insights with key learning opportunities, Level Eleven helps motivate team members. However, it is worth noting that while Level Eleven has some key tools for sales rep management and sales team motivation, overall, it lacks the kind of sales rep acknowledgment of many other gamification programs on the market.

Thankfully, there are plenty of Level Eleven alternatives to take your team to the next level. Let’s examine some of these alternatives and how they can benefit sales teams.

1. SalesCompete

If you want to supercharge your sales team, SalesCompete is an incredible platform offering countless tools and features to improve your sales KPIs. From gamification features made to encourage team members, to coachable insights based on automatic data gathering, SalesCompete combines team growth with team-wide achievement for tangible results.

SalesCompete offers sales gamification that integrates directly with platforms like Slack for on-the-go insights. Custom leaderboards, team challenges, and personal goal tracking all combine to keep your team engaged and at the top of their game. Interoffice competition is a great motivator for sales teams, and SalesCompete makes running competitions and tracking results much easier.

On the team management side, SalesCompete provides instant insight into KPIs and personal records, allowing team leaders to identify coachable moments. With hands-on coaching built into this program, you can elevate your team to new heights and stave off potential issues before they become a problem. Supporting underperforming sales team members can help boost your team, increase employee retention, and avoid off team burnout.

SalesCompete offers an excellent balance of gamification features, employee management tools, and rep motivation options for an incredible all-around set of sales tools. If you're looking for our top pick for a Level Eleven alternative, this is the ultimate winner due to its ease of integration with Slack, and numerous productivity and team morale features. If you want to boost your team to new heights and drive productivity, SalesCompete is the program for you.

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2. Hoopla

Hoopla focuses on bringing key statistics to team leaders while offering gamification insights to drive competition. While the Radiant family of programs focuses more on brick-and-mortar stores and leaderboard displays, Hoopla offers remote integrations to help encourage team members and provide actionable insights with simple commands.

Hoopla is primarily a KPI-tracking platform with gamification features like rewards and leaderboards to help drive team productivity and overall employee engagement. Like some of the other options on this list, Hoopla highlights individual performance, allowing sales team leaders to take advantage of teachable moments and elevate underperforming sales reps.

Pairing these teachable moments and concrete insights with fun, competition-focused gamification features like sales leaderboards and rewards makes Hoopla a good alternative to Level Eleven. While Hoopla does lean more toward data-driven insights than gamification, the balance between the two makes it a good option for sales team leaders looking to get more done with a single program.

3. Bravo

As the name suggests, Bravo is about employee recognition and team morale. This performance-boosting program elevates your office culture through gamification features like redeemable points. Pairing employee shoutouts with the processing power of AI allows for streamlined team acknowledgments, making it that much easier to keep up overall morale.

Bravo works off of the idea that valued employees are productive team members. By calling out a job well done, you boost your team to new highs and encourage them to keep performing at their best without worrying about burnout or dips in morale. On top of calling out key team accomplishments, Bravo also offers targeted surveys to engage your team members and allow sales managers to improve overall confidence.

While Bravo focuses more on sales gamification and employee acknowledgment than insight tracking, it’s a useful tool for any sales team, allowing them to keep their team engaged and satisfied while boosting overall productivity. If you’re looking for a program that offers similar employee morale features to Level Eleven, Bravo is a good starting point.

4. Pointagram

Another gamification-focused sales program, Pointagram, provides tangible points for team accomplishments. Although the app primarily works through in-system rewards like badges and personal “levels,” much like a video game, Pointagram hopes to expand its offerings to include a physical rewards conversion system shortly. Still, if you’re looking for a sales gamification program that encourages teams to reach new highs, this is a great program option.

Although Pointagram doesn't offer the same insights as other options on our list, its gamification and employee incentives program can help drive competition and encourage team members to hit target KPIs routinely. So if you want a Level Eleven replacement focusing on gamification, Pointagram is a good option for your team.


It's no surprise that SalesCompete is our top Level Eleven replacement. Not only does SalesCompete offer great gamification and employee acknowledgment options, but its KPI tracking and coaching features make it indispensable to any team leader. So if you want to take your team to new heights, SalesCompete is the right program. Contact our team today (support(at)salescompete.com) to find out more or to give SalesCompete a try.

~ Kyle