Using game-like tactics and competitive encouragement to drive sales is nothing new. Companies routinely pit sales team members against one another to drive productivity and personal advancement. However, with the rise in hybrid and remote teams, sales gamification has moved online and combined the importance of team collaboration with personal achievement for a new and innovative way to drive KPIs and secure more accounts and sales.

Sales programs like Ambition provide key gamification tools to transform your sales team and drive workplace engagement. However, there are more options for sales gamification than just Ambition. Here, we discuss sales gamification, employee engagement, the importance of coachable moments, and cover a handful of alternatives to Ambition.

What Is Ambition?

Ambition is a sales team management program that depends heavily on automated coaching alerts and data-oriented goal tracking. By pairing employee acknowledgment with tangible goals, Ambition seeks to reduce the overall instances of employee turnaround, raise productivity, and help your team consistently reach its goals.

One of the main features of Ambition is its gamification. While most of the program focuses on insight-based learning opportunities, Ambition combines a game's fun, attention-grabbing features with the competitive spirit needed to bolster sales rep resolve. On top of this, employee acknowledgment options keep your team feeling appreciated and engaged throughout the day.

While these are all hallmarks of a good sales app, there are better alternatives to Ambition that balance gamification and coaching opportunities with ease of use and integration features. Let's look at some Ambition alternatives that can help boost your sales team and transform workplace engagement.

1. SalesCompete

SalesCompete understands that building a sales team is all about balance. From the moment you onboard a new member to coaching milestones along the way, keeping your team engaged and constantly learning is crucial to the health of your workspace. SalesCompete pairs gamification and employee acknowledgments with real-time coaching insights. By offering all these sales features in an easy-to-use, Slack-integration-friendly format, SalesCompete provides a comprehensive toolset for any team leader or manager.

With SalesCompete, you can view employee KPIs and stats with a button to identify issues before they become emergencies. Your sales reps are an investment toward your company's health, so treat them like the asset they are through coaching prompts, tailored exercises, and personal goal trackers made to grow their skills and KPIs in tandem.

On top of workplace growth initiatives and goal trackers, SalesCompete makes the workplace engaging again through gamification initiatives like leaderboards, team competitions, rewards, and more. Combining the satisfaction of a job well done with lasting acknowledgment and benefits can encourage employee productivity and watch your sales go through the roof.

If you’re looking for a gamification sales program that offers coaching insights, leaderboards, employee engagement strategies, and onboarding tools, you need SalesCompete.

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2. Spinify

With a focus on company culture, employee acknowledgment, and gamification, Spinify prides itself on turning your workplace around (pun intended). This sales management app utilizes AI processing to send employee acknowledgments and highlight key sales metrics. By pairing lasting praise with powerful automated insights, managers can spend less time monitoring employee progress and more time helping reps reach their true potential.

Of course, AI isn't the only thing on offer with Spinify. This program offers key gamification features to drive competition and build a positive workplace. With a balance of personal goals and team events, Spinify helps foster a fun, competitive atmosphere without creating workplace drama. In addition, thanks to employee acknowledgment features, team members can highlight a job well done and praise coworkers, improving workplace culture.

While Spinify is somewhat light on employee acknowledgment features compared to other entries on this list, its gamification options and individual insight updates make it a good alternative to Ambition.

3. Pointagram

If you're looking for an app that prioritizes gamification above all else, Pointagram is a great starting point. This Slack integration focuses on rewarding points for tasks and competitions, allowing team members to go head-to-head in sales contests and offering virtual rewards like badges. While Pointagram doesn't provide a physical rewards system, they plan to branch out into these options.

Pointagram is a good basic gamification app for sales for teams that want to add to their existing sales programs or don't mind balancing several Slack integrations simultaneously. Pointagram focuses almost entirely on a point system, allowing you to reward team members for customized "quests." These quests can include daily tasks, personal records, or ongoing education incentives to keep them engaged in the workplace.

With some creativity, Pointagram can be a great alternative for Ambition and help keep your team engaged.

4. Bravo

Employee engagement and satisfaction are at the core of gamification. With Bravo, team shout-outs take center stage. Its business model runs off the idea that acknowledged employees are motivated employees. Offering positive feedback for a job well done or impressive KPIs encourages employees, boosting overall morale and driving even more achievement.

With Bravo, showing appreciation for your team is only a click away. The program offers integrated physical reward options and automates daily insights to motivate team members to perform at their best and work to beat their records. From giving a coworker props to shouting out excellent customer service strategies, Bravo takes the concept of employee engagement into a powerful reward system sure to boost team morale.

While Bravo may not sport the leaderboards and detailed data reports of other entries on this list, it is still a key cornerstone for employee engagement and can help boost your sales team's overall morale and engagement.


SalesCompete is the clear top pick on our list. While Ambition may offer several key performance indicators, other sales programs like SalesCompete seamlessly integrate gamification, data tracking, and employee coaching into one system. Compared to other sales platforms and programs, SalesCompete covers the most topics and offers key sales team management tools. If you want to learn more about our top pick, contact our team (support(at) to learn more about SalesCompete today.

~ Kyle