You may have heard of SalesScreen if you've been looking to take your sales team to new heights using gamification, stats monitoring, and individual goals. While this sales program comes with some key features that may be attractive to sales team managers and business owners, thankfully, there are plenty of high-quality alternatives to SalesScreen.

Here, we discuss various sales program options and how gamification and employee acknowledgment can transform your team's KPIs and generate more leads for your team. So, without further ado, let's jump into the top SalesScreen alternatives.

First, What Is SalesScreen?

SalesScreen is a sales rep motivation platform that combines gamification tactics with employee recognition and coaching tools. This data-driven sales aid pulls key insights from your database to drive sales reps to new heights and provides insight into how close your team is to an overarching goal. With these tools, you can track individual progress and set stretch goals for your team.

SalesScreen offers basic gamification functions, including team vs. team and leaderboard mechanics. While this program provides several forms of gamification for your team, their options are somewhat basic. They tend to drive competition within the office rather than pushing individuals to overcome their records. That being said, they have coaching tools using sales data analysis that identify potential teachable moments among team members.

While SalesScreen offers a balance of gamification, coaching, and data management, plenty of great sales programs provide the same, if not better, services, meaning you have options to help transform your team. Let's look at some of the top SalesScreen alternatives out there.

1. SalesCompete

In one streamlined app, SalesCompete offers sales gamification and sales performance management/visibility tools. Not only does SalesCompete provide incredible tools for sales management, but it also integrates seamlessly into Slack. With Slack slash commands and channel integration, you can easily connect with remote and hybrid employees and take advantage of key coaching and instruction moments during the work week.

Not only does this sales program offer a seamless integration with Salesloft,, Hubspot and Salesforce, it also has all the tools you need to bring gamification to your sales team. From leaderboards to custom callouts, SalesCompete incentivizes team members to challenge their previous records or compete against members of the office leaderboard for rewards. Not only does this help drive KPIs, but it also drives employee engagement, allowing you to keep your employees productive and interested in their work.

On the employee-management side, SalesCompete helps streamline coaching and onboarding, allowing you to easily set employee targets and help team members reach their full potential. With easy-to-use commands and intuitive data, team leaders can better manage sales reps and lead their teams to new heights. So if you're looking for the top SalesScreen alternative, SalesCompete is the clear winner.

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2. Bravo

As the name implies, Bravo is all about team acknowledgments. A rewarded team is engaged, and Bravo makes providing that engagement easier than ever. Bravo works on a cycle of sharing results, acknowledging achievements, rewarding employees, and driving motivation to increase KPIs and boost your sales team.

Bravo combines the power of AI processing with the hands-on data gathering of personalized surveys for great employee management. Unlike some of the other options on this list, Bravo does lean more toward employee motivation than data gathering. However, the survey function is key for identifying ways to improve workplace culture, making it a useful tool for any office.

Suppose you’re looking for a way to motivate and reward team members using gift cards and other set rewards or want to poll your employees to find potential workplace improvement avenues. In that case, Bravo is a great sales tool and a comparable replacement for SalesScreen’s employee motivation features. However, remember that Bravo is best paired with a sales data management service to track KPIs better and drive continued sales growth.

3. Spinify

Another gamification program, Spinify, also uses AI to drive your team members to new heights. Spinify integrates into several workplace platforms to bring friendly competition to your sales management platforms. Pair team members with one another to drive cooperation, set up leaderboards to encourage productivity and acknowledge greatness using Spinify.

Spinify leads toward the gamification side of sales management, prioritizing leaderboards and employee motivation over statistics and learning opportunities. However, the automated gamification prompts and acknowledgment options all drive employee engagement and can boost team morale.

Spinify can help stave off burnout and connect team members through friendly competition if you work with remote or hybrid teams. While you may need a separate service for comprehensive sales data tracking, Spinify works seamlessly alongside your other remote workplace platforms, allowing you to gamify sales without disrupting the daily routine. If you’re looking for a gamification-focused SalesScreen alternative, Spinify is a great place to start.

4. Hoopla

If some of the other entries on our list focus on gamification and employee acknowledgment, Hoopla is all about displaying actionable sales data. Hoopla does feature some gamification features like leaderboards and shout-outs. However, it primarily acts as a stat board for different KPIs for your sales team. With that in mind, the various leaderboards and stat callout options can act as employee motivators and give your sales team a better idea of overall goals and performance.

One of the biggest benefits of Hoopla is its mobile integration features that allow remote team members to get key updates and messages no matter how far from the office they are. As a result, Hoopla helps drive productivity and crafts a positive workplace culture by keeping team members connected.

Suppose you're looking for a stat-driven sales management program with enough leaderboard features to give your employees an idea of their overall productivity while still offering gamification. In that case, Hoopla may be a good fit for your team.


Our obvious top pick for the best SalesScreen alternative is SalesCompete. By blending sales management, employee acknowledgment, data gathering, and gamification into one program, this sales tool can help elevate your team to new heights and change how you manage KPIs across the board. Contact a team member today to learn more or get started with SalesCompete.

~ Kyle