If you’re in sales and looking for an alternative to Troops, we’ve got you covered. These Slack integrations offer more team management, gamification alternatives, and CRM features than Troops, allowing you to set goals and connect with your employees.

If you're in the market for Slack integrations to motivate your team while boosting productivity and managing customer relations, these apps are for you. First, let's look at Troops' focus, then dive into these top alternatives for your sales team.

What Is Troops?

As the name would suggest, Troops focuses on managing your team and tracking CRM steps in equal measure. However, unlike other apps that work toward employee engagement, Troops focuses on the cold hard stats, providing team members with actionable follow-up steps and managers with actionable insights into sales team performance.

Troops focuses directly on the sales pipeline, alerting team members to their next step once they've contacted clients. In addition, Troops can sometimes streamline the entire CRM process by organizing customer information into one place and sending automated step reminders.

The downside to Troops is its focus on metrics. While other Slack integrations provide sales team leads with actionable insights, they also work on employee engagement and performance-boosting opportunities. Troop has its place in sales management, but if you’re looking for an app that does it all, you’d be better served to look elsewhere.

Thankfully, we’ve rounded up some alternatives to Troops to help you combine Slack integration, sales management, CRM monitoring, and employee engagement. Let’s look at some of the best Troop alternatives for sales teams, whether remote, hybrid, or in-person.

1. SalesCompete

If you’re looking for a sales program that does it all, you want SalesCompete. This sales management service integrates seamlessly into Slack, providing key insights into employee performance, coaching opportunities, overall team performance, and gamification leaderboards to drive sales operative engagement.  

SalesCompete knows there's more to managing your team than just tracking data. It merges employee insights with teachable moments, allowing team leaders to bolster sales and correct issues before they become major. Where other sales management platforms stop at data insights, Sales Compete creates openings for great leadership and team mentoring, replacing Troops or any additional sales team insights program on the market.

It would still be a great program if SalesCompete had just provided team insights. However, this sales tool goes above and beyond by integrating insights with gamification to engage your employees and drive overall performance numbers. With custom leaderboards, daily activity goals, and tailor-made sales goals, you can encourage your team to reach new levels of productivity and engagement with one Slack integration.

If you’re looking for our top pick for a Troops Slack alternative, SalesCompete takes the cake.

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2. Spinify

Want to put a positive spin on sales? Spinify uses the power of AI insights and the benefits of gamification to boost your team to new levels. Spinify recognizes that spreadsheets, while useful, are dull and do little to motivate your teams. Instead, this platform offers fun, insightful leaderboards and personalized goals with a fun twist.

Spinify leans into gamification with its bright, engaging design, helping motivate your team to reach for the stars while offering customized rewards like shout-outs, videos, and more. Thanks to a wide range of integrations, including Slack, Spinify allows your team to work together no matter where they are or what platform you use to coordinate.

While Spinify allows for employee acknowledgment and encourages friendly competition between team members, it doesn't offer quite the same metric reporting as other options on this list. Still, suppose you're looking for a Troops alternative that leans heavily toward sales gamification over concrete insights and are hoping to drive employee engagement instead of tracking concrete metrics. In that case, Spinify may be a good fit for your sales team.

3. Playvox

Playvox is a true one-to-one for Troops when it comes to metric tracking. This program focuses on tracking customer insight to drive your sales formula. With Playvox, you can identify customer issues as they happen and restructure your sales pipeline to facilitate a conversion better.

On top of direct customer insights, Playvox provides key metric tracking so you can watch individual goals. From monitoring overall percentages to driving team KPI, these insights can cut down on widespread spreadsheet use and allow team managers to track several metrics at once easily.

While Playvox doesn't have gamification features like the other options on this list, it does provide interesting insights that integrate seamlessly with Slack. So if you're looking for a metric-tracking alternative to Troops, Playvox is a reasonable alternative.

4. Bravo

If Playvox leans into metrics, Bravo is more about employee recognition and motivation. If you’re looking for a way to motivate your employees, Bravo offers key tools to acknowledge a job well done and offer rewards. With Bravo, employee recognition ties into productivity, giving team members a reason to strive for greatness.

Thanks to key insights, gamification strategies, and more, this Slack integration offers metric tracking and rewards with a heavy hand toward employee recognition. Using AI learning and computing, team leaders can automate rewards and callouts, allowing them to focus on team bonding and coaching. On top of this, automated surveys let managers discover team insights like overall engagement and concerns, letting them fix issues as they appear instead of reacting to a crisis on the spot.

Suppose you're looking for a team management app that allows you to praise your sales team while tracking comprehensive insights. In that case, Bravo is a good mix of some gamification tools with light team insights, making it a decent replacement for Troops if you're concerned about overall productivity and morale over facts and figures.


If you're looking for a Slack integration that offers the metric monitoring features of Troops while still focusing on gamification and employee rewards, you need SalesCompete. SalesCompete combines the best parts of sales management with employee motivation, allowing you to encourage your team to reach new heights while streamlining onboarding and coaching opportunities. Contact our team today to learn more if you want to try SalesCompete.

~ Kyle