Today we're excited to share that we've officially launched on ProductHunt.

ProductHunt, for those who aren't familiar, is a website for makers and innovators to share their products in front of an early-adopter audience. We've over 100 teams using SalesCompete now and so we thought we'd share more of the good news with the rest of the world. Consider giving us a shoutout or an upvote (if you like what we're doing) on ProductHunt!

If you don't know much about what SalesCompete is, we are an easy to use Slack bot that hooks into your existing toolset (Salesloft/ We give your sales team the ability to:

🎧 Coach your reps faster by pulling call recordings into Slack

💪 Increase team engagement & competition by automating power hours, challenges, and account bounties

📈 Improve the visibility of team metrics & performance with instant access to Salesloft/Outreach leaderboards inside Slack

It's free to install and use for all ProductHunters. If you use Salesloft/Outreach + Slack -- give us a try today!

Much love,