To start 2022 off right, we have a slew of feature improvements and updates to show off. We couldn't be more excited. A brief run down of everything that is new this month is below. We'll dive into a few of the bigger updates individually as well.

Here's to a strong start to the 2022 sales year πŸ₯‚

~ Kyle


  • Choose from several daily reports graphs now based on percentages -- this brings the total number of graphs available to 15!
  • You can now bring in extra data/fields into call coaching messages, and edit the text that is shown
  • You can now bring in extra data/fields into success messages, and edit the text that is shown


  • Goals channel is now inside the goals modal
  • You can now set a start time for goals (custom date and time)
  • Challenges are now easier to create -- they can be 1-on-1 or team
  • On custom activity leaderboards, the breakdown for each score (by rep) is now shown
  • Current progress on goals is now shown from the active goals modal
  • You can now set different power hour times for different days, power hour creation is also done via a modal flow similar to challenges and goals
  • Display 'no winner' in the event there is no power hour winner
For a full Β track record of recent changes, visit our product change log here.


  1. Editable Success & Call Messages

Our first feature to highlight are the (now) editable success notifications and call coaching messages. For those unfamiliar, the success messages are sent anytime there is a 'successful' call from Outreach or Salesloft. The call coaching messages can be setup to send every 1, 2, 3, or 6 hours for calls that match sentiments you choose. For this update, to begin editing either of these messages you'll just click the 'edit message' button near the bottom of each feature inside the CompeteBot home page in Slack.

Once you click this button a modal will appear like the one below. In it, you'll be able to modify the note that gets sent along with the message (the {rep name} part is used to substitution for your rep's names) as well as which fields get pulled in from Outreach or Salesloft. The fields span across the person and company objects, and most of the ones you're looking to include should be selectable.

2. New Percentage-Based Daily Report Graphs

Another new addition with this release are percentage-based graphs (instead of just the normal gross total graphs). These give you a helpful eye on important leading conversion metrics like calls to meetings set, emails sent to emails replied, and more.

3. Custom Activity Leaderboard Enhancements

When running the custom activity leaderboard command ("/leaderboard custom") or setting it up to send at a pre-determined time of day, the message will now include a breakdown of how/why the reps are where they are on the board.

4. Power Hour Improvements

Power hours have been updated to be more streamlined when creating them. Now you just have to click the 'create power hour' button (shown below) to create a new power hour. In addition, you can now have multiple power hours instead of just one. This allows you to setup power hours that run at different times on different days.

The new power hour creation modal: