We all have been there... the top of the roller coaster, the bottom of the roller coaster... whenever you find yourself in the throws of the extreme ups and downs of being in sales, find yourself a good relatable meme. It feels good, you know it's basically for sure your life... so just do it 😉

Let's take a look at the best memes for this year... 2023. It's started off with a bang (and an economy that has never looked chillier), so let's take the stress out back... along with how seriously we take ourselves... I mean, we ain't got a number to hit until the end of March, right?!

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  1. We all know this feeling... you hit 'em with your best shot... and it fell flat. Well, there's always the next lead.

2. We're all susceptible in sales to delusions of grandeur... this sums it up, well, perfectly 😅

3. In sales, all we ask is that we get an honest answer, not a fake one. C'mon... you know you weren't in a meeting, you were ignoring my helping you!

4. Ah, Stanley Hudson... what wisdom do you have to bestow upon us mere mortals today? We love the cold stare... whoever blinks first loses, remember that young 'uns.

5. Weekends are sacred for all sales people... not accepting arguments on this one. We know the feeling below well... Friday afternoon is basically the weekend, right?!

6. The smirk on this young ones face? Absolutely priceless. This portrays "you got 'em" better than any meme out there.

7. It's a work from anywhere world, even in sales... just make sure you're not caught too off guard. Get that shirt and shave on!

8. Selling can sometimes feel relentless, who are we kidding – all the time. The later in the year it gets, the more the pressure mounts... the more are sanity races out the door!

9. When are client's expectations ever really realistic in sales? Am i right or am i right?

10. You know the feeling... the feeling that your time was just wasted by leads colder than the ice in your iced coffee. Yep, let your tiny scream out.

11.  In sales, we all know price isn't the real issue... if value is there, so is the budget. Keep those discounts hidden!

12.  Sometimes things in sales can feel a little too personal... that's OK, take the wins when you can, buddy. You've earned it.

13.  Sometimes us sales professionals just don't know how to turn it off. There's no harm in acting like your prospect is your BFF from grade school if it earns you the extra commission, right!?

14. Ahh.. the biggest farce that has ever existed – what am i talking about you ask? Top-down sales targets sent across from the board that say the sales team in Q4 is going to "of course" close more than the previous 3 quarters combined. It ain't that easy folks... if it were, everyone would do it.

15. How long should it really take? Oh, not long at all. How long does it actually take? Different story, a very different story.

16.  Yeah, you can relate. You know you can. This is what gets me out of bed in the morning, following up with my follow ups. Oh yeah.

17.  On a similar note, calls are probably even more painful. Take the pain direct to the gut, nowhere to hide. You gotta be a masochist to be in sales, this meme explains that in a picture worth a thousand words.

18.  Yeah, at this point you're probably going crazy and you'll do what it takes... literally, whatever it takes, to win the deal. Including going full Liam Neeson on your prospect 🤣

19.  You can't honestly think you're going to get rid of a salesperson that easily, can you? That's what I thought.

20. The reality of the sales dream, summed up in one eloquent meme. Your friends think you party, your mom thinks you sell candy to babies, society thinks you just cash fat checks at the bank each week (and so do you). Reality? You are grinding, grinding, grinding away on the phone, on demos, on emails... all day, everyday. Yep, get used to it... but it's all worth it... right?!

21. OK, a bonus meme (because we had to). This one is a more positive one to end things off though, and we think a good one to live on in the hearts of sales people everywhere as a model of why we do what we do. We all know the feeling... you've been qualifying your garbage leads from your SDRs for months now and you finally comes across a leads that is worth it's weight in your very own quarterly commission check. This one feels good... almost too good, it checks literally ALL of the boxes. Savor that feeling, it doesn't come often, but when it does, it makes it all worth it. Right?!

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